Affordable Pet Care

The Washington Animal League Medical Center provides veterinary care to PuppyMillBabyShihTzu1all families with companion animals in the national capital area.   Regardless of income level, the Washington Animal Rescue League’s Medical Center opens its doors to everyone in the metropolitan region. Considered one of the top veterinary clinics in the area, WARL’s medical team is experienced in a broad range of medical care, treating more than 5,000 pets each year as well as our “temporary” residents, our shelter animals. An added benefit to being a Washington Animal Rescue League Medical Center client: using our veterinary services directly supports the rescue and care of homeless animals that we shelter and find homes for.

The Medical Center also accepts canine & feline patients — by appointment only — belonging to income-qualified residents of the Washington, D.C. region.  If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and make $55,000 or less annually, you may qualify for discounted veterinary services at the Washington Animal Rescue League.

The Washington Animal Rescue League opened its Medical Center in 1996 to treat shelter animals and to provide full-service, discounted veterinary care to the pets of income-qualified community members. To see if you qualify for discounted care or to make an appointment, please call the medical center at 202-726-2273.

The Medical Center conducts a range of programs, including caring for WARL’s shelter animals, caring for companion animals of clients throughout the Washington, D.C. region, caring for companion animals of income-qualified pet owners in the metropolitan area, reduced-cost spaying and neutering, Wellness Clinics, and training interns, veterinary students, and veterinary technician students.

Among the first and most comprehensive shelter-based hospitals, the Medical Center has become one of the country’s foremost teaching hospitals for shelter medicine. Each year the center attracts dozens of veterinary students and interns, who come to study under its veterinarians.

Care for Shelter Animals

The Washington Animal Rescue League Medical Center’s team of veterinarians, volunteer veterinary specialists, and technicians provide all medical care for the dogs and cats housed at WARL at any given time.  Besides routine physical examinations, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, and dental work, the WARL Medical Center may handle diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, and heartworm that are not regularly seen in private clinics. Partner shelters from across the region often transfer their sick and injured animals to WARL for treatment.

Care for Companion Animals of Income Qualified DC Residents

The Medical Center is the only local veterinary facility that offers discounted, full-service care to income-qualified residents of the District of Columbia; Calvert, Charles, Frederick, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties in Maryland; Arlington, Clarke, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Warren counties in Virginia; the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Manassas, and Manassas Park in Virginia; and Jefferson County, West Virginia. To qualifiy, clients must have an income of $55,000 per year or less and be able to show a photo identification.

Without its help, the clinic’s clients might be unable to care for their animal companions when they became sick or injured. Each year, the Center treats about 5,000 income-qualified patients.

Spaying and Neutering Services

In response to the area’s severe and ongoing pet overpopulation problem, the Medical Center offers discounted spaying and neutering of dogs and cats to the public.  Our spay and neuter fees and other important information can be accessed by clicking here.

Wellness Wednesdays

BrochureGeraldineAndPupWellness Wednesdays allows our medical staff to examine your pets and identify potential health problems before they become more difficult and expensive to treat.
“Wednesday Wellness” takes place every Wednesday
 by appointment only between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Services include:
A brief $20.00 Wellness Examination. This exam will be required for every dog/cat (not required for vaccine boosters if the animal has had an exam at the Medical Center within the past year).
Heartworm and FELV testing,
Parasite preventative
Nail trims
Patients with medical problems will be required to come back for a scheduled “sick” appointment.

To find out more about our Wellness Clinics, click here.

Training for Veterinary Students

The Medical Center attracts dozens of senior veterinary students each year to train in shelter medicine under its veterinarians. Students come from as far away as California and overseas for the two- to three-week externships.

The Medical Center welcomes volunteers and veterinary students. For more information, read the Washington Animal Rescue League Veterinary Externship Program description or call 202-726-2273.